Elite Villa

Located on Gaojing Lu.
The development of this property is divided into two phases: its 1st phase offers totally 142 units, and the 2nd phase is planed to offer 56 units in all. The Elite VIlla consists of 18 islands. There are 5 to 10 freestanding waterside villa units located on each island. The total water area of this community is 30,000 sqm. Almost each unit is equipped with a waterside platform and a 500-2,000 sqm garden.
completion Time 2003
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
4Br 350sqm USD5000
4Br 350sqm USD5800
4Br 390sqm USD6000
4Br 460sqm USD6500-7000
4Br 500sqm USD6500
4Br 700sqm USD9000
4+1Br 430sqm USD5000
5Br 340sqm USD5500
5Br 350sqm USD5000
5Br 350sqm USD5000
5Br 350sqm USD6000
5Br 400sqm USD5000
5Br 404sqm USD6000
5Br 410sqm USD6000
5Br 420sqm USD5500
5Br 435sqm USD7300
5Br 450sqm USD5000
5Br 450sqm USD6000
5Br 450sqm USD6250
5Br 450sqm USD5000
5Br 468sqm USD5500
5Br 700sqm USD10000
6Br 410sqm USD5000
6Br 480sqm USD5000
6Br 500sqm USD5000
7Br 480sqm USD7000-8000

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