Medical Facilities & Pharmacies

There are several major outpatient medical facilities for expatriates in Beijing offering a wide variety of services-medical, dental, traditional Chinese from women health and pediatrics to orthodontics and psychiatry. You can find them all conveniently listed here, including some Beijing hospitals and clinics experienced in offering medical service to expatriates. All the hospitals of course have proper prescription pharmacies.


Beijing International SOS Clinic and Alarm Center
Services include family medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, gynecology/obstetrics, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy, orthodotics and counseling. Offering 24-hours access to medical help, travel related services, emergency medical evacuation.
Building C, BITIC Leasing Center, 5Xiwujie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang
三里屯西五街 5 号,北信京便谊大厦 C
Administration: 64629199
24 Hours: 64629100
Clinic: 64629112
SOS Hot-line: 64629027
Fax: 64629111

The Beijing International Medical Clinic Center
Provide comprehensive medical services including counseling. It also has dental facilities and a pharmacy as well as an international team of 25 English-speaking physicians. The center is equipped with 24-hours emergency service.
Room S-106, Beijing Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang
朝阳区亮马桥路 50 号,燕莎办公楼 S-106
Phone: 64651561/2/3
Fax: 64622081

Beijing United Family Hospital
Western health care facility which offers the full range of primary health care services for individuals and families. In addition to an extensive range of outpatient services (including dentistry), general ward inpatient services and a Birthing Center, they also provide minor surgery and 24 hours urgent care, including home visits. The hospital also has a dental clinic and pharmacy.
2 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang
朝阳区蒋台路 2
Phone: 64333960
Fax: 64333963

Guree Dental
Clinic 1:
NB210, B2 China World Shopping Mall (opposite the entrance to the Ice Rink)
国贸地下二层 NB210
Phone: 65059439 / 9431 / 9413 / 9493
Clinic 2:
2 th Floor FC222, 21 st Century Hotel, 40 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang
朝阳区亮马桥路 40 号, 21 世纪饭店 FC222 二层
Phone: 64664814 / 64612745 / 64663311 ext. 3849

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing
9F Hong Kong Macau Center-Swissotel, Second Ring Road, Dong Si Shi Tiao, No.2 Chaoyangmen Bei Da Jie
朝阳门北大街 2 号,东四十条二环路,港澳中心 9
Phone: 65532288 ext.2345/2346/2347
Fax: 65013806

Beijing Vista Clinic
B29, Kerry Center Mall1, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang
朝阳区光华路 1 号,嘉里中心 B29
Phone: 85296618
Fax: 85296615

Arrail Dental Clinic
19 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, 304 Tower2 CITIC Building, Chaoyao
朝阳区建国门外大街 19 号,国际大厦 2 号楼 304
Fax:65931848 m

Peking Union Medical Hospital
53 Dong Dan Bei Da Jie, Dongcheng
东城区,东单北大街 53


Western pharmacies include Watson's in Full Link Plaza and at the Lido Hotel although selections of medicines are fairly limited. Local medicine shops are everywhere and have a striking range of Western (every from analgesics to Prozac) and Chinese medicines available over the counter. One of the largest local pharmacies is the Wangfujing Drug Store (65249932). All the hospitals of course have proper prescription pharmacies.

Massage and Bath Houses

Suncome Blind Massage Center
Add: West Gate, 1/F Binduyuan Apartment, Maizidian Jie 15, Chaoyang
朝阳区麦子店街 15 号宾都园公寓一层
Phone: 65012039

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