Bin Du Yuan

Bin Du Yuan is just behind the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel and is close to Lufthansa Centre
Bin Du Yuan is a 6-storey building designed for commercial and residential purposes, conveniently located behind Lufthansa Centre. It offers nicely designed and decorated apartments with a big living room, very suitable for office use. It has a wide range of in-house facilities and a very welcoming management team. It will be a suitable choice for people who want to combine working and living together.
completion Time 2004
water fee RMB3.7/ton
electricity fee RMB1.00 per Kwh
gas fee RMB1.9 per cubic meter
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 122sqm USD915
3Br 178sqm USD1335
3Br 192sqm USD1400

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