Beijing Yosemite

Located near Jingshun Road and close to Lemmon Lake and the International School of Beijing (ISB).
The total area of Yosemite contains approximately 59 hectares, more than 200 very new detached houses. 231 Chinese style courtyards. Spacious layout with large basement featuring partial natural skylighting. Favoured by North Americans.
completion Time
water fee
electricity fee
gas fee
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
3Br 468sqm USD7000
4Br 356sqm USD4500
4Br 358sqm USD4500-5000
4Br 366sqm USD4800-5000
4Br 389sqm USD5000-5500
4Br 423sqm USD6000
4Br 424sqm USD6200-6500
4Br 447sqm USD6000-6200
4Br 463sqm USD7000
4Br 508sqm USD7000-7500
4Br 552sqm USD7000-7500
4Br 556sqm USD7000-7500
4Br 557sqm USD7300
4Br 564sqm USD7000-8000
4Br 570sqm USD7000-7500
4Br 596sqm USD8000

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