Tianyuangang Center
Situated beside the San Yuan Bridge of Chaoyang District
Tianyuangang Center is the golden point of intersection of East Third Ring Road and the Xiaoyun Road and connected with the airport highway, which is the traffic center and visual center of the national gateway district. The project is 5A intelligent office building built according to the Grade A standards, and innovatively introduces in the 3E standards for office buildings, constructing commercial environment in compliance with international standard in aspect of environment, equipment and economy. The project together with the nearby Silver Tower and Gateway Plaza constructs the business center in the national gateway.
Facilities & Feature
Coffee shop, commercial center, post office, bank

Completion Time:  30 July. 2007
Rental: USD17-20/sqm/month USD/sqm/day
Floors area: 1400sqm
Number of Floor: 29
Traffic: Bus No. 104,985,984,825
Major: N/A

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