Dragon Bay Villa

Located along the Jing Shun Road, between Lido Commercial Section and the Capital Airport.
A Peaceful Land Surrounded by the Junzi Lake, nicely decorated & furnished.Next to ISB / Montessori / ETON / LiMa 13 types of villas, Different decoration styles available. Units are owned by the developer. Some of the staff members speak English.
completion Time
water fee
electricity fee
gas fee
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
3Br 279sqm USD3300
3Br 286sqm USD3300
3Br 292sqm USD3400
3Br 348sqm USD4000
3Br 357sqm USD4200
3Br 385sqm USD4400
4Br 338sqm USD3900
4Br 350sqm USD4000
4Br 402sqm USD4600-5500

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