River Garden Villa

Villas by the side of JingShun Road, near the Capital Airport.
One of largest villa compounds in Beijing. River garden has been tastefully designed in an American style. Green area and streets, offering a maximum of privacy, separate the villas from each other. An unusually spacious design with a high ceiling in the living room creates a pleasant living environment. River Garden gives you a choice of various models from 157 to 387sqm. More than 400 families live in the very bright and cozy 2-storey units. The houses in the phase III are of especially high quality with enough space for flexible interior arrangement according to tenants’ requirements.
completion Time 1994
water fee Cold: RMB2.00/ton; hot: RMB13.60/ton
electricity fee RMB0.70/kwh
gas fee RMB6.00/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
4Br 187sqm USD3000-3500
4Br 249sqm USD4000-4500
4Br 260sqm USD4200-4500
4Br 285sqm USD4500-5300
5Br 387sqm USD6000-7000

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