King's Garden Villas

This villa compound is located behind Hilton hotel, close to Lido place. It's one of the closest to downtown.
King's Garden Villas is located behind Hilton Hotel, close to Lido Place. One of the closest to downtown villa compounds in Beijing. All the houses are big and bright, with some of the landlords have decorated into a nice storage room. The private gardens are not very big, mainly in front of the house. There is a temporary clubhouse, which offers the residents all the recreation facilities. Due to its excellent location, spacious layouts and strict security, this compound has got the attention of the embassy people and has nearly become a diplomatic compound.
completion Time 1995
water fee Cold: RMB2.50/ton; hot: provided by a gas heater
electricity fee RMB0.59/kwh
gas fee RMB2.20/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
3Br 180sqm USD2300
3Br 232sqm USD2500
3Br 245sqm USD2800
3Br 287sqm USD3500-4000
4Br 323sqm USD4000-4500
4Br 336sqm USD4100
4Br 357sqm USD4300
4Br 369sqm USD7000

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