Greenland Garden

Opposite Lido Hotel, easy access to airport and downtown
Greenland Garden is a small but beautiful compound, with light-pink color houses and large green surroundings. There are 107 villas (2-storey townhouse and large 3-storey detached houses), all of them very well decorated with all wooden floor, big windows and well equipped bathrooms. The high standard, fully equipped clubhouse offers to its residents all kind of facilities and different kind of restaurants, cafe, shopping center and big supermarket. The United Family Hospital and CTA Macro supermarket are also nearby, everything in a reachable distance; Greenland Garden is one of the nicest villa compounds in town.
completion Time 1996
water fee Cold: RMB2.00/ton; hot: provided by a gas heater
electricity fee RMB0.80/kwh
gas fee RMB3.00/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
4Br 200sqm USD2500
4Br 223sqm USD4000
4Br 226sqm USD4000
4Br 275sqm USD4600
5Br 290sqm USD4000
5Br 357sqm USD6000-6500

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