Wanda Plaza

on the pivot of the Central Business District (CBD) of Beijing,300 meters to the east of Guomao Bridge
Beijing Wanda Plaza is flanked by CCTV on the north side.The land area of the plaza is more than 10 hectares and the whole construction area exceeds 500,000 squ meters. Such rich mix as world-famous chain supercenter,international business port, deluxe department store, premium five-star hotel,high-standard offices,and unique shops and boutiques makes Wanda Plaza a diamond core of the CBD
completion Time October, 2003
water fee RMB3.7/ton; hot: RMB10.0/ton
electricity fee RMB 0.48/kwh.
gas fee RMB1.9/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
1Br 60sqm USD900
2Br 124sqm USD1800
3Br 126sqm USD1850
3Br 144sqm USD2100
4Br 180sqm USD2700
duplexBr 236-280sqm USD3500-4000

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